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“Just writing to say thanks very much for everything you sent through.
You run a fantastic service and I will certainly be passing on your name to colleagues.”

Angela Mitchell - BBC Scotland, Glasgow     More Testimonials

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Press cuttings - McCallum Media

Welcome to Press Cuttings.com, part of McCallum Media Monitor – providers of press clippings to clients all over the world.

Press cuttings are one of the best ways your business can keep track of who is saying what about you and your company throughout a wide spectrum of media. We take press clippings from all publications all across the United Kingdom including major daily publications such as The Times, Mirror, Sun, and Telegraph to name but a few.

We can supply press cuttings to you in a digital form, or in their original context clipped from the page and sent to you via various mail services.

At Press Cuttings.com we perform a much more detailed and thorough search of these publications than you would be able to do yourself, plus of course to do it yourself would take a very long time as the process is quite labour intensive.

Our teams of professional readers start their day at 4 am, with the earliest deliveries of press clippings available at 5 am if required. Normally you would expect to see your requested press cuttings on your own passworded web-portal by 9 am where you can browse and print the press clippings we have uploaded for you if you require hard copies. If you prefer we can mail out in-situ press cuttings that will give you an idea of position and location on the page which can be important to clients seeking specific placement or prominence.

Press Cuttings.com only use real human readers too, so you can be assured that it’s not just a keyword search that might flag lots of irrelevant press clippings, real people take the time to ensure you only get the press clippings you need.

Whether you need Press Cuttings.com for a day, a month or a long term arrangement, we’re happy to accommodate all durations; if you’re looking for press coverage of a specific event or wish to maintain an ongoing overview – we’re here to help. Call us today on 0141 333 1822 and see what Press Cuttings can do for your business.