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McCallum Media Monitor is a Scottish leader in the provision of press cuttings to clients wordwide. We specialise in same day delivery of press cuttings from Scottish and United Kingdom print publications.

Our location in the media center of Scotland, coupled with our long standing links with press cuttings agencies throughout the UK, enables the earliest possible acquisition and delivery of coverage from publications throughout the UK.
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�Just writing to say thanks very much for everything you sent through.
You run a fantastic service and I will certainly be passing on your name to colleagues.�

Angela Mitchell - BBC Scotland, Glasgow     More Testimonials


How quickly can you get press cuttings from Scotland to me?


The earliest we can deliver press cuttings is 5am, by special request. Normally we would aim to have press clippings posted to your passworded site on the internet before 9am Mondays to Fridays and 2pm at weekends.


What papers have Scottish editions that I will not see in England?


The Times, Sun, Star, Mirror, Mail, Express, Sport and Telegraph all run Scottish editions, as do the Observer and the News of the World on Sundays, as well as the Sunday versions of all the daily papers already mentioned.


What do you consider to be a Scottish edition of a newspaper?

  Some newspapers, the ones mentioned above, have editions that are edited and printed in Scotland and that are not available elsewhere. Other newspapers, such as the Guardian, Financial Times, Morning Star etc sell their papers in Scotland, but do not have Scottish editions, though sometimes there are sports sections specifically for Scotland.
  What sort of licence do I need to receive press cuttings?

Ah! good question! If you receive original cuttings from us and you do not make any photocopies of them, then you do not need a licence.

If you receive original cuttings from us that you photocopy and distribute, you do require a licence and should contact the NLA, Newspaper Licensing Agency.

If you receive faxed press cuttings, or access them over the internet, you should also contact the NLA. Their website gives full details of any licences that are required. It is www.nla.co.uk  Tel 01892 525 273

  Are you able to put all cuttings on your website?
  We are not licensed to upload News International publications to the internet. These can be faxed to you instead. We can also email a brief summary of the article to you.

How do I know when I have press cuttings newly posted on the internet?

  If you generally receive cuttings every day, just type in your user name and password and you will see your new press clippings. If you receive cuttings less frequently then we can email you when they have been uploaded. Also, if you usually have press coverage on a daily basis, but don't have anything on one particular day, we can advise you of that by email too, so you are not continually checking the website for coverage.
  What happens if you send us a press cutting that we consider to be libellous?

When you or your legal representatives have contacted the newspaper(s) in question and the NLA, the NLA will advise all press cutting agencies that the article(s) in question are the subject of libel action and the press cuttings agencies will remove them from their websites.

  Can anyone see my press cuttings on the internet?
  No. You are given a user name and password for secure entry and confidentiality. Only people with access to the user name and password can view the cuttings
  How long are my cuttings displayed on the internet?
  Your press cuttings are displayed for seven days. After that we are obliged to remove them because of copyright restrictions.
  Am I allowed to print off a copy of my cuttings?
  Yes, your licence with the NLA will allow you to print off a single copy of your cuttings as a permanent record. If you have any doubts about the copyright situation, you should contact the NLA directly.
  What are the advantages of having my press cuttings on the internet as opposed to being faxed?

Firstly, the reproduction is in full colour, with none of the deterioration in quality that happens with faxes.

Secondly, you can see your press cuttings from anywhere that you have access to the internet.


Do you search by keyword?

  Yes we do, and we also search by topic.
  Do you scan for your keywords or are they actually read?

The newspapers are actually read by real people! This means that you will not be perstered with lots of irrelevant cuttings because one of your keywords has been taken out of context. However, we also double-check our press cuttings against Lexis-Nexis to make sure that we reduce the number of missed cuttings as much as possible.

  How do your readers possibly remember all the keywords?

All readers have their own personal searchable database on a computer beside them. This is updated daily with all new clients entered and old ones deleted, so you WILL get your clippings from the very start and you WONT continue to get clippings after an order has ended. In addition, all daily changes are printed out on a rolling update and given to readers when they start their shift at 4am.

  How do I set up a search with you so that I don't receive irrelevant press cuttings?
  Simple. You just tell us exactly what you want, and that's what we will give you. You can specify no passing references, only major and significant stories (MSS) or only stories that are what we call PCR, likely to provoke comment or reaction. You can tell us not to bother taking press cuttings from specific newspapers because you already read them yourself. You can say that you only want OICW references to your organisation. eg Mentions of the ACME double glazing company but Only In Connection With new jobs being created in Brighton. We will tailor your search terms to your precise needs.
  And what if I still get irrelevant press cuttings?
  Let us know what they are and we will refund you.
  What is the minimum period of contract?

We will monitor for a single day if required! No need to come on for a month if all you want is, for example, coverage of a member of the royal family opening your new factory. If you want coverage of that event only on the day it happened, that's what we will give you.


Do you read only Scottish papers?

  No, we read all the national papers. See our list of papers covered. If there is a publication that we do not read in this office, we outsource to a number of agencies in London with whom we have reciprocal arrangements. They supply us with some English and trade and consumer magazine coverage while we supply them with some Scottish coverage.

What is your pricing structure?


We charge a reading fee for each day that you employ us and then we charge an additional fee for each clipping that we find for you.

  Are press cuttings available every day?
  We operate seven days a week, including bank and public holidays. We operate every day that newspapers are published. In the UK there are no newspapers on Christmas Day, so we do not open then.

Are you able to provide website searches?

  Yes, we can provide searches of websites on a daily basis.