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McCallum Media Monitor is a leader in the provision of press cuttings to clients wordwide. We specialise in same day delivery of press cuttings from  United Kingdom publications.

Cuttings are scanned to a passworded section of our web portal and are updated for clients 7 days a week.

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�Just writing to say thanks very much for everything you sent through.
You run a fantastic service and I will certainly be passing on your name to colleagues.�

Angela Mitchell - BBC Scotland, Glasgow    More Testimonials

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Who can benefit from our press cuttings services?

PR Agencies

Original Cuttings
We realise how important it is for pr agencies to be able to present a portfolio of original cuttings to clients, particularly if they are representing someone in the fashion or beauty sector, so we make sure that we supply pr agencies with original cuttings when requested. Some of our pr clients require fast delivery of cuttings, and, if requested, we can post the original clippings after faxing them or putting them on the net.
You can have your cuttings sent loose or mounted on A4 or A3 paper. You can have them cut into pieces to fit an A4 page, or left whole and just folded over. You can gave your logo in colour at the top of each cutting. You decide. And if there's a format that we haven't mentioned, ask us about it. If we can do it for you, we will
Three for the price of one
We recognise that many pr agencies bring us multiple clients, in effect acting as a marketing network for us, so we reflect this by offering them three distinct clients for one reading fee, with each client having three searchable keywords.
Search the Scottish Media facility
If you are unfamiliar with the Scottish newspaper market, this searchable database will be a valuable tool. If you are promoting an author, use it to find out which newspapers regularly carry book reviews. No point in using an expensive scattergun approach to contact 200 newspapers when you can target precisely the ones that will be interested in what you have to offer. Similarly if you have beauty products to promote, or home furnishings, or any of a whole list of activities and sectors. Check out our searchable database now.

Knowing what the movers and shakers in business and politics are thinking is essential for lobbyists, and one of our dedicated services is to provide columns from weekly papers contributed by MPs, MEPs and MSPs. We can also retro-search by individual names back over a number of years enabling you to build up a profile of who has what stance on particular issues. Do you want to know if Gordon Brown has any published comments on windfarms, or train delays or any subject you care to mention? Ask us, we'll tell you.

Just starting up and the budget is tight? We understand that here and can supply press cuttings with no minimum contract period. If you have a burst of launch publicity, but don't expect a lot of coverage thereafter for a while, we will provide press clippings for a week, or even a single day! Ask us about our no minimum contract now. We also have a subsidiary company, Press Information Scotland, which specialises in low-cost clippings delivered by post to clients who are on a tight budget and for whom delivery is not time critical. Press Information Scotland cuttings are posted out once a week.

We have a large number of charities to whom we supply press cuttings, all of them benefitting from our policy of charging no reading fee. This only applies to the weekly posted service, not the fax or web service. Many of our charity clients are serviced through Press Information Scotland, who provide the most cost effective service available.

Government departments
We have wide-ranging experience in providing press cuttings from Scotland to UK government departments such as the Department for Transport, the Department for International Development and the Treasury to name but three. Our readers are acutely aware how important it is to provide cuttings for these organisations quickly and make every effort to ensure that they are sent electronically by 7am at the latest.

Major Corporations
We also have wide experience of supplying cuttings to major corporations, and are aware of how important it is to provide speedy, accurate coverage, especially at critical times such as takeover negotiations. We will provide a special package to send integrated coverage of takeover and merger negotiations to all parties involved: the company, its lawyers, pr company, bank, accountants. No need to organise a patchwork of coverage, just tell us who is to be included and we'll make sure that the press cuttings are available to everybody at the same time. Ask us about our takeover and merger package.

Other Press Cuttings Agencies
Since its inception, McCallum Media Monitor has been proud to supply press cuttings from Scotland to agencies throughout the world, but particularly to other agencies in England. Cision, Precise, EDS, Presswatch, The Original Clipping Company, IPC and Durrants all source Scottish coverage from us. We are genuinely proud to supply this service because we know how jealously they all guard their reputations and we are delighted that they trust us to maintain their own high standards. Equally, we are able to use their services to source English, Welsh and Irish press cuttings as well as trade and consumer magazines that we would not be able to obtain economically. If you are having trouble obtaining Scottish coverage for your clients, please contact us.

Legal Firms
Our powerful backsearch facilities have been used by legal representatives in a number of high-profile cases to check for prejudicial pre-trial publicity. We also provide ongoing coverage during trials. Special arrangements can be made to supply early delivery due to the time-sensitive nature of these press cuttings.