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McCallum Media Monitor is a Scottish leader in the provision of press cuttings to clients wordwide. We specialise in same day delivery of press cuttings from Scottish and United Kingdom print publications.

Our location in the media center of Scotland, coupled with our long standing links with press cuttings agencies throughout the UK, enables the earliest possible acquisition and delivery of coverage from publications throughout the UK.

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McCallum Media Monitor Ltd.
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?Just writing to say thanks very much for everything you sent through.
You run a fantastic service and I will certainly be passing on your name to colleagues.?

Angela Mitchell - BBC Scotland, Glasgow     More Testimonials


Press Monitoring at the Weekends

A number of our existing clients carry out their own press monitoring from Monday to Friday, but entrust it to us at the weekends. Some are in sports, where the coverage is much greater at the weekend, others are located in office buildings that are not opened at the weekend. We charge a reading fee only for the Saturday and Sunday, not the entire week. This makes our weekend coverage extremely cost effective and saves you from worrying about newspaper supply and staff exceeding their working time directive hours. Cuttings loaded onto the website can be viewed from home by anyone with an internet connection.